Our Vision

In today’s age of high mobility and expedient communications, no bank or financial institution can expect total customer loyalty without availing its services to its clients anywhere and anytime. This need for unmitigated access explains the rapid growth of mobile banking technology and how we at A2A specialize in the development of communications software that connects banking and financial institutions with businesses and clients via all available popular communications media.

Our Mission

Our mission at A2A is to help banks and other financial institutions in the MENA region to realize the future of full customer self-service, today. Moreover, we are committed to being a leading player in the ever-growing mobile money business beside the standard electronic banking channels. We enable financial institutions to extend and accentuate their role in the field of mobile payments, by helping them stay competitive and at the top of the game.

Key Staff

Omar Khouri
Nabil Halaseh
General Manager
Salem Dababneh
Business Development Manager
Ghaith Fakhouri
Development Manager
Suhaib Badwan
Products and Services Manager

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